001. Introduction


Welcome to our very first blog post. This post serves as an introduction and explains more about who we are, the purpose and content of the blog, and how the blog relates to the upcoming podcast.

Who we are

Perfektua Language Services is based in Scotland and was started in October 2017 by me, Michael Robertson. I have been a keen language learner for as long as I can remember. My mum was my first foreign-language teacher; when I was around 3, she used to teach me Italian phrases from a phrasebook she had. I also used to like learning French from my sister (who is 4 years older than me) and was learning it at school. I have also been very lucky because I have always had very gifted, passionate language teachers.

Languages have always been one of my strengths (unlike maths or science – I’m hopeless at them). I have learned (to various degrees of fluency) French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and Greek. Besides English (which is my native language), Spanish is my strongest language. At the moment, I am working on my ability to communicate in the other languages. I also hope to learn Dutch, Portuguese, and Basque. The Basque Country (located in the north of Spain near the French border) has a special place in my heart as I spent eight months living there, teaching English, and learning Spanish.

Perfektua Language Services offers language tuition (English as a foreign language, Spanish, and French), proofreading and essay-checking services, and academic writing support. You can find out more about each of these services by clicking on the appropriate tab in the Services section of the main menu.

Perfektua Language Services strives to offer flexible, accessible language tuition as well as high-quality, affordable proofreading services. You can find out more about our mission, aims, and values here.

We are also planning how to grow our business. This will include considerations such as offering online language lessons, increasing our online presence via blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media. More details about this will be added to the About Us section of the website in due course.

Purpose and content of the blog

The purpose of the blog is to discuss issues relating to the learning and teaching of foreign languages (with a specific focus on EFL, French, and Spanish) and English writing. While this is not an exhaustive list, some of the topics that will be featured on our blog include the following:

  • Advice and tips for learning a language
  • Advice and tips for writing well in English (especially academic writing)
  • A review of different language-learning resources
  • A monthly summary of the daily vocabulary posts featured on our social media pages
  • Discussions about topics in language learning and teaching
  • Answers to questions asked by you.

The aim is to publish two blogs per week and two podcasts per month.


|In addition to the blog, we will also be developing a podcast. As stated above, we aim to produce two podcasts per month as well as the 2 blogs per week.

The subjects featured on the podcast will be similar to those featured on the blog (listed above) but with various different combinations of the topic.


We are open to hearing your suggestions for podcast or blog post ideas. We also welcome any positive or constructive feedback you may have. If you wish to ask a question, provide an idea, or give feedback, you can email us at perfektua.languageservices@gmail.com or by using the Contact Us form.



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