Mission, Aims, and Values

Mission statement

To provide language tuition, proofreading, and writing support that is high-quality, accessible, and engaging in order to help our clients achieve their objectives.


  • To help clients achieve their stated goals or objectives in the second language of their choice.
  • To create engaging, informative lessons that explain language concepts and allows practice.
  • To encourage confidence, fluency, and accuracy to those wishing to communicate in another language.
  • To provide high-quality written content that maintains the original message to those requiring translations or proofreading/essay-checking services.


  • Communication – Communicating honestly and openly with clients and letting clients communicate their message clearly in either spoken or written form.
  • Quality – Making sure that the work done is of the highest standard
  • Flexibility – Making changes when required in order to ensure that the clients objectives are achieved
  • Accessibility – Providing language tuition and proofreading services that are accessible to everyone in terms of price and time
  • Professionalism – Being well prepared and delivering results on time