Our Brand

Each aspect of the Perfektua Language Services logo has been selected for a particular reason:

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‘Perfektua’ was selected for the name of the company as it is the Basque word for ‘perfect’. The Basque Country, culture, and language all have a special significance for me so I wanted to incorporate an aspect of the language in the brand.

The three rectangles represent building blocks as this is an excellent metaphor for the language-learning process: we start with the basics, and then continue building upon them until we reach the highest level (i.e. fluency). In addition, it also resembles the Tower of Babel, which, according to the Bible, explains why the world’s people speak different languages. The myth says that humanity spoke one language following the Great Flood and they built a tower tall enough to reach God. However, God confounded their speech and scattered them around the world so that people could no longer understand each other.

The colours used in the logo also have a particular significance. While the interpretations of colours have been debated, red generally indicates passion,excitement, or for action to be taken. Blue signifies honesty, and trust. Green is associated with nature. The purple background represents quality. These colours have been chosen because Perfektua Language Services strives to embody these qualities.